CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations |Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

By | February 10, 2015

We provide CWC 15 New Rules Regulations Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 cricket world cup new changes over over drs filders rules all rules list icc wc 2015. CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations |Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 : Yes friends!!! Today here in this awesome article we and our team provides you complete real and true details of “CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations |Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015“. Its been all known that the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is approaching and each day passing by is increasing the essence of excitement. We will be discussing about all the New set of rules that would be applied for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. There have been many conferences in which the past cricketers like Rahul Dravid, Graeme Smith etc have expressed their views on the new set of rules. These New rules have been in application since past 2-3 years in the ODI Cricket but the same will be applied for the first time in ICC Cricket World Cup. CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations |Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

CWC 15 New Rules ICC Cricket World Cup 2015


Rule 1 : Two New Balls from each end :

Yes, that’s right. Each team will be allowed to use two new balls in an innings. Two new balls, one from each end, are to be used in alternate overs. In a match reduced to 25 overs or less per side before the first inning initiates, each team shall have only one new ball for its game of play. This is the First New Rule for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Now that’s exciting because this would go in the favor of the fast bowlers which may lead to early fall-of-wickets in the game.

Rule 2 : Total 5 Fielders in 30 Yard Circle :

Now this is the condition where the captain need to strategize their game and make a full proof plan that would help their players. It will be mandatory to have 5 fielders inside the 30 yard circle throughout the innings which will happen for the first time. This comes up as the second new rule of ICC World Cup 2015. This rule will not be applicable in the powerplay over.

One change that we would observe due to this rule is that captain would be bound to play 5 specialist bowlers in the game. On the other side, a part time bowler may fail to get a position in the Final 11 Squad. Spinners too would play a role but that would be decided by the factor of luck. This New Rule will help us to see more aggressive form of play as this will force bowlers to attack and look for wickets.


Rule 3 : Only 2 Fielders outside the circle for Initial 10 Overs :

Only 2 fielders will be allowed outside the circle for first 10 overs in all the matches of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament. So for the batsmen, if they succeed to time the shot well then it will be a sight of fours and sixes in the first 10 overs. We would be surely watching an aggressive form of cricket  in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

CWC 15 New Regulations ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Rule 4 : 3 Fielders outside the circle in 5 Powerplay Overs :

In the 5 powerplay overs that are to be played, 3 fielders are mandated to be outside the circle. These five Powerplay overs should be taken at or before 35th over and no powerplay over should exceed 40th over. Now if the team has minimum 5 wickets in hand at this time, then these powerplay overs can be a great opportunity for the team for scoring runs. During overs other than powerplay, not more than 4 fielders shall be allowed outside the circle.

As per the previous rule, First five-over Powerplay shall be taken between over 1-10 and the second five over powerplay can be taken before or at 35th over as specified before.

Rule 5 : Reserve Day For Knock-Out Matches :

The International Cricket Council has announced reserve day for the knock-out stage of the tournament. Knock-out stage of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will comprise of Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Final.

Reserve day is allocated and would be in use if there is any interruption in the play like rain, fog, bad light etc. If no further play is possible on the day on which the match is scheduled, then reserve day comes in action and the match will resume on the reserve day from where the last ball was played. There shall be no reserve day for the group matches taking place in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.


Rule 6 : No Super Over in Knock-out stage matches :

This rule is surely going to disappoint all the viewers and cricket fans. But its true that no super over will be seen in case of tied knock-out matches of the tournament. In case of any Quarter final or Semi final match drawn, the team with highest number of points in the points stage will win the match. If both the teams have same points in points table then average rate shall be seen to decide the winner of Quater Finals or Semi Finals match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. So maintaining highest economy rate would be another task for the teams.

CWC 15 New Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Rule 7 : No Runner Permitted :

In case of any injury of batsmen, he would have to get back to pavilion as retired hurt. But he would not be allowed to get a runner for him while batting.

Rule 8 : Joint Winners if Final Match Tied :

None of the teams would like to share the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 but in case if the result of Final Match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 gets tied or if there is no result then ICC would declare both the finalist teams as the Joint Winners of the World Cup 2015. This will end up sharing the Cricket World Cup 2015 by both the teams for which many would not dream.

Rule 9 : Obstructing the field (slight change):

This rule has been used in previous ICC Cricket World Cup which says that if an umpire feels that a batsman, in running between the wickets, has significantly changed his direction without probable cause and thereby obstructed a fielder’s attempt to effect a run out, the batsman should, on appeal by the fielder, be given out for obstructing the field.

But now there is a slight change in this rule. For the same condition (if done deliberately then surely out) but in case of accidental obstruction, if fielder appeals then the decision would go to the third Umpire who would analyse if the ball would correctly hit the stumps through the camera technique. If it would have hit correctly then batsman will be given out else not.

CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Rule 10 : DRS (Decision Review System) used in all matches :

Its a known rule and we have been watching this rule since a while. But it would be seen first time in the ICC World Cup 2015. DRS will be used in all the 49 matches that will be played in the Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament. In this system, each team is allowed to make not more than one unsuccessful review request per innings during a match.

Hope that all of you would enjoy CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations |Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. So stay connected with us with all the live updates related to CWC 15 New Rules |Regulations |Changes ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

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